Non-Union Contractor

Non-union contractors can benefit in a number of ways from signing voluntary recognition agreements with Local 793.
For starters, contractors would have access to a pool of qualified, safety-conscious workers through the union hiring hall process. When a contractor needs a qualified worker, the contractor can call the union office and a worker will be dispatched from the out-of-work list. Union members are fully-trained and certified with all the proper credentials.
Once a contractor has signed on with the union, those working for the contractor would be part of the union’s pension and life and health benefits plans, providing workers with better retirement security. This means that contractors do not have to set up their own plans.
Being part of the union also enables subcontractors to bid on projects that are under the auspices of a unionized general contractor.
Meanwhile, the union also works with its unionized contractors to improve health and safety on jobsites, therefore reducing injuries and time-off costs to contractors.
Contractors wishing to find out more information about signing a voluntary collective agreement with Local 793 can call the union’s organizing office at 905-469-9299, ext. 2113, or toll-free 1-877-793-4863, ext. 2113.