Non-Union Worker

There are many good reasons why non-union workers should sign up with Local 793.
For starters, we fight for improved working conditions for our members and negotiate industry-leading collective agreements for workers.
Our local has a solid reputation and officers of the union have earned the respect of governments and employers.
We have a head office in Oakville and staff in offices across the province, as well as a team of experienced business reps, ready to help members.
Our in-house labour relations department looks after any work-related matters that may arise on jobsites.
We also have a social services department that assists members with WSIB, CPP and EI claims and provides information on matters related to health and safety.
We have a pension, dues and benefits department that handles questions from members, and a delinquency department that ensures employers are making proper contributions to the pension and life and health benefits plans of our members.
Our pension plan was established in 1973 and is one of the best in the construction industry with assets of more than $2 billion. The plan is financed by contributions made by employers and investment income earned on contributions.
Our life and health benefits plan provides coverage for such things as supplemental health, dental, drug and medical, vision care, bereavement leave and long-term disability.
We also have a legal plan that provides coverage for an array of services, including real estate transactions, insurance matters, wills and estates, and costs related to landlord and tenant issues.
Members also have access to two training campuses – one in Oakville, the other in Morrisburg. The Oakville campus is used for training mobile and tower crane operators and concrete pump operators. The Morrisburg campus is used for training heavy equipment operators.
To speak with an organizer, or to find out more information about joining the union, call the union’s organizing office at 905-469-9299, ext. 2113, or toll-free 1-877-793-4863, ext. 2113.