Political ActionIn a membership survey that was conducted recently, Local 793 members called for more communication on political issues.
The membership survey indicated that a large majority (87 per cent) of members actively vote in most elections.
As a result, we are taking steps to make sure our members are better informed about legislation that might affect them. We want to ensure members are informed when they cast their ballots.
We have added this section on political action to our website. The purpose of this section is to inform members about political and legislative issues.
Presently, there are two issues that are of importance to Local 793 operators – federal Bill C-377 and the right to work (RTW) movement.
Bill C-377 would undermine unions, impose costly financial reporting requirements on our union and pension and benefits plans, and violate the privacy of individual members.<
RTW would devastate unions and lead to lower wages.
Both are an attack on working people and the middle class.
We need to protect our future.