Right to Work

RTWThe so-called right-to-work (RTW) movement is noth­ing more than an attempt to create a low-wage economy by weakening unions.
Under RTW rules, years of gains for workers would be scrapped.
Since 1946, the Rand formula has promoted stability and ensured unions have the resources needed to negotiate on behalf of their members.
Getting rid of the Rand formula would allow freeloaders to work at union companies without paying dues. This would undermine the financial viability of unions and force them to make difficult decisions about where to cut back.
Such a move would undo the gains that unions have made in securing better wages, benefits and pensions.
As Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher has noted, the RTW movement is an attempt to put unions out of business.
Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. Elimination of the Rand formula would be devastating for Ontario.
Research has shown that RTW legislation leads to lower wages and fewer benefits for workers. It also leads to lower unionization rates.
If RTW legislation is put in place, a majority of Ontario residents could end up earning less per hour. Pension and benefit plans would be negatively affected because there will be fewer members working and contributing to the plans.
The ability to organize, grow our membership and bargain fair collective agreements would also be compromised.
We must take action to prevent this from happening in Ontario.