Group Legal Plan

Local 793 members have access to a Group Legal Benefit Plan that provides coverage for an array of services, including real estate transactions, insurance matters, wills and estates, and costs related to landlord and tenant issues.
Union members who are employed by contributing employers are entitled to benefit coverage under the plan.
 All plan members covered are entitled to use any lawyer of their own choice.
To get reimbursed, the plan member fills out a claim form and sends it to the administrator of the plan with an itemized statement of account that indicates the services provided, the legal fees paid and taxes.

For real estate transactions, the plans provides coverage up to certain amounts for:

  • Purchase Family Dwelling
  • Sale Family Dwelling
  • Purchase Lot for Family Dwelling
  • Purchase or Sale of Vacation Property
  • Transfer of Title
  • Mortgage New or Renewal
  • Mortgage Incidental to Purchase
  • Discharge of Mortgage

For Divorce and Domestic Proceedings, the plan provides coverage up to certain amounts for:

  • Divorce Member
  • Divorce Spouse
  • Property and Custody Support Member
  • Property and Custody Support Spouse
  • Separation Agreement Member
  • Separation Agreement Spouse
  • Modification of Separation Agreement
  • Adoption (Private)
  • Guardianship
  • Change of Name
  • Birth Certificate Assistance
  • Post or Pre-nuptial Agreement

The plan also provides coverage for non-complex legal documents, landlord and tenant matters, consumer and personal property law, civil litigation, insurance related matters and criminal matters.